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We design simple solutions
for complex problems, from zero to MVP, in 5 days

We support companies from different sectors solve problems through innovative proposals that combine design and strategic planning, providing measurable results from end to end.

What is the Studiofabrica105

Studiofabrica105 is a design and product consultancy dedicated to solving complex problems, since 2013, through models applied by Google, Coca-Cola, Nike, among others, which ensure results in the short, medium and long term, meeting different budgets by combining costs + benefit to innovation since the MVP .

+500 Projects

We have already accumulated more than 500 innovative projects and solutions delivered over almost two decades of operation, both in Brazil and abroad.


We had been in different international web awards, such as CSS Awards, Awwwards, FWA, App!MyCity2014, among many others.

+$500 Million

Our innovative solutions were responsible for savings of almost R$500 million in customer and company operations in Brazil.

+7 Countries

We have already provided innovative solutions to 3+ continents, serving brands from the US, Sweden, Brazil, Portugal and others, across a wide range of sectors, from technology to agribusiness.

Sessão de design thinking presencial
Caderneta pessoa com alguns rascunhos de desenho
Post-its escritos colados na parede
Detalhe de livros de design
Solid Theoretical Base
Pessoas discutindo em uma reunião presencial
Discussions, Prioritizations & Metrics

Pilot Project

For those looking to raise capital and enhance security for new investment rounds in products and services, for both startups and established companies.
Designer escrevendo em post-its


Conducting in-person or online ideation and discovery sessions with stakeholders over 4 days to address business challenges and other issues.

Pessoa navegendo por um app de skate

Design & Product

We apply principles of aesthetics and usability in the development of visual solutions that drive the success of the interaction between your products/services and your end customers.

Brands & Companies

This is where we want to see you among so many brands and companies


"Innovation comes when our minds open to the world and we seek to understand the needs of others."

Tim Brown, IDEO

Our Methodology

The studio works with innovation models used by other major players in the international market, including Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Agile, Scrum, Design Sprint, Shape Up, among others . Furthermore, we are able to personalize them, creating a unique experience for our customers, optimizing time and being more assertive in solving the problem.

Igor Baliberdin pousando para foto na janela

Hi, I'm Igor Baliberdin

Product Designer and Founder of Studiofabrica105

With over 20 years of experience in the digital products market, including apps and platforms, I worked as a creative and design director from advertising agencies to startups and large international players . Additionally, I taught design thinking classes at universities. Now, I focus my expertise on product creation and development to help companies of all sizes thrive inside and outside the digital world, balancing design, cost and benefit.



Do you have a complex problem and would like help in making your product or service a success story? Fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
See you soon!

Av. Dr. Gentil de Moura, 114
Conj. 1613 - Ipiranga, São Paulo

Your disruptive innovation and insightful ideas have taken our projects to new heights. His adaptability in our fast-paced environment was truly impressive. I strongly recommend. In addition to being a talented professional, it is a pleasure to work with him.

Foto de perfil da Carol Sessa

Carol Sessa

Senior Product Manager

Traive Finance

Igor is without a doubt the best UX/UI designer I've ever worked with. We work together on several projects and he always exceeds our expectations. He always put himself at the forefront of the project with good initiatives and innovative ideas.
Great professional.

Foto de Perfil do Vitor Cominato

Victor Cominato

Technology director

Red Ventures Brazil

Igor is a brilliant creative director and has a vision beyond creation, which helps to understand the real needs of each case. With audacity, you like to create innovative solutions to problems, and not just solve them anyway. I definitely recommend (:

Foto de perfil do Vinicius Zago

Vinícius Zago

Technology director

Tucows, Ireland

What the market has said

We are the resource you and your company need to leverage your business and deliver value to your customers, using product development and design thinking methodologies.

Ideal para líderes que supervisionam novos departamentos para aprimorar as equipes existentes.

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