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Pilot Project

We help companies and startups scale and develop products with a lean and agile structure.
For Enterprises

Ideal for leaders developing new departments to enhance existing teams.

Design Thinking Sessions

Hypothesis Validation

UX Design

Project Road Map

Agile Process to Design Teams

Focus on Customers

Data-Driven Design

Business Scale Up

User Interface (UI)

User Journey

Product-Market Fit

Flexible Team

For Startups

This service helps your technology department increase conversions and attract investment.

Design Thinking Session

Journey Mapping

Product Refinement

FIxed Team

The price and duration of the rider are determined based on your choice and request.

Prices from

R$ 17.000,00

Minimum term

2 Weeks

Take advantage of our experience to implement your project.

Business Understanding

Defining Objectives and Goals

Step Planning

Prioritization of Deliveries

Measuring Results

UX/UI Design


R$ 450

We recognize that you have innovative ideas, and we are eager to assist you in sharing them with the world. How? Simply reach out to us, and we will support you in swiftly and effectively bringing your ambitious dream project to life. You should consider launching a pilot project with us.


During the development of this, we discovered that the user journey was very complex given the need and the moment of the business.

Our proposal and solution was to simplify the flow and reprioritize some deliveries with the aim of learning a little more about the user's journey , which would only come through an ethnological analysis. This reduces costs and gains engagement and business traction.

For Startups

Empower your technology department to optimize conversions, attract investment, and achieve business goals through refined digital strategies and enhanced user experiences.

5 people

Pilot Team


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Do you have a complex problem and would like help in making your product or service a success story? Fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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We are the resource you and your company need to leverage your business and deliver value to your customers, using product development and design thinking methodologies.

Bauducco Farm

One of the biggest challenges of this project was to optimize the weight of the files for each game that would be rendered by smartphones of all types, from the simplest to the most powerful high-end, which we discovered after feedback from one of the users: an 8-year-old girl deity :)

Our proposal and solution was to redesign the software architecture and redefine image upload and rendering standards. After this feedback, we were able to increase game performance by more than 70%, for any quality of smartphones and tablets, gaining more than 20,000 downloads in the first 24 hours of availability in app stores.

For Enterprises

Designed for those leading new projects and team leaders.

5 people

Pilot Team

Children's Game

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