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In this model, we guide and lead multidisciplinary teams through a structured process of innovation and problem solving, conducted over 4/5 days , prioritizing deliveries and building value from the MVP onwards.

“Brainstorming, ironically, is a structured way of breaking away from structure. It takes practice."
Tim Brown, IDEO

Our ideation sessions are organized to take place over 4 days, each of which is dedicated to one stage of this process:

Wireframe apresentado sobre um papel e uma mao por cima

Day 4


We test prototyped ideas and validate our solution

Designer escrevendo em post-its

Day 3


​The best part of the week, where we put things into practice.

Pessoas sentadas à mesa em reunião presencial

Day 2


​Here we discuss and vote on the best hypotheses that will define our problem

Menina de pé apresentando conteúdos na parede

Day 1


It's time to put everything we know about the problem on the table

Equipe de profissionais reunidos em uma sala de reunião

Day 5


Final discussions and prioritization of subsequent steps

61% of entrepreneurs in Brazil do not have a defined plan

Source: Sebrae/SP

58% of non-Brazilian entrepreneurs do not know what problem they are solving.

Source: Sebrae/SP

91% of entrepreneurs do not seek information about their competitors.

Source: Sebrae/SP

Why investing in an Ideation Workshop is important for your operation


• Innovative solutions

• Customer understanding

• Interdisciplinary collaboration

• Rapid iteration and prototyping

• Risk reduction

• Employee engagement

• Strategic alignment

Ícones desenhados em fundo preto
Designer desenhando interface sobre um papel

No Delivery

• Specific technical experiences

• In-depth market knowledge

• Executive decision making

• Practical implementation

• Definitive and final solutions

What an ideation session delivers and what it doesn’t deliver



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